What Do Most Guys Find Attractive in a Girl?

There are many different things that guys find attractive in a girl. However, there are some commonalities between what most guys find attractive. Some of the things that guys find attractive in a girl include physical attributes, personality traits, and hobbies or interests.

Physical attributes that guys find attractive in a girl can vary depending on the guy’s preferences. However, some of the most common physical attributes that guys find attractive are a girl’s smile, her eyes, her hair, and her body type. Smile is often seen as an indicator of happiness and positive attitude, which are both qualities that are attractive to many guys. Eyes can also be seen as an indicator of personality traits such as kindness or intelligence. Hair is often seen as an indicator of health and style choices which can either attract or detract from a guy’s interest. Body type is often seen as an indicator of fitness level and overall healthiness. Guys typically prefer girls who have a healthy body weight with proportional measurements throughout their bodies.

In addition to physical attributes, personality traits are also important to many guys when it comes to attraction levels. Some common personality traits that make someone more attractive include being kind-hearted, easy-going, confident without being cocky, having a

Calmness. For the most part, drama queens are usually women

Most guys find calmness attractive in a girl. It’s a turn-off when a girl is always complaining, whining or bitching about something. Guys want to be with someone who is low-maintenance and easy to get along with. A girl who is always drama free is very appealing to most men.

Some guys find themselves attracted to women who are always calm, cool and collected. There is just something about a woman who seems unflappable that can be incredibly intriguing. Maybe it’s the air of mystery that surrounds them or the fact that they seem like they have their life together. Whatever the reason, there is no denying that many men find calmness attractive in a woman.

Of course, there are also some guys who prefer women who are more high-strung and emotional. They like the drama and excitement that comes along with dating someone who isn’t afraid to show her feelings. For these men, a calm and collected girlfriend would likely be boring and uninteresting.

At the end of the day, it really varies from guy to guy what he finds attractive in a woman. Some prefer calmer ladies while others go for those who are more high-strung. There is no right or wrong answer – it all comes down to personal preference!

Cleanliness. Beauty is more than make-up and a fancy haircut

It’s about taking care of your whole body, both inside and out.

Most people would agree that being clean is attractive. After all, who wants to be around someone who doesn’t practice good hygiene? Not only is it a turn-off, but it can also be unhealthy.

However, there’s more to being clean than just making sure you bathe regularly and brush your teeth. It’s important to take care of your whole body, both inside and out. That means eating healthy foods and exercising regularly. It also means using products that are good for your skin and hair.

Of course, everyone has their own definition of what “clean” means. For some people, it might mean wearing make-up or getting regular manicures/pedicures. For others, it might simply mean keeping their hair trimmed and tidy. Whatever your definition may be, there’s no doubt that taking pride in your appearance is attractive to the opposite sex.

Intelligence. My cousin once went out with an extremely attractive girl

She Intelligence.

What do most guys find attractive in a girl? This is a question that has been asked by many people, both men and women. And the answer is simple: intelligence.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to be a genius or anything like that. But it does mean that guys find girls who are smart and can hold their own in a conversation extremely attractive.

Why is this? Well, there are a few reasons. First of all, intelligence shows that you are able to think for yourself and aren’t just following the crowd. This is something that many guys find very attractive in a girl.

Another reason why intelligence is so attractive to guys is because it shows that you have something going on upstairs – which can be incredibly sexy! And finally, being intelligent also shows that you are likely to be successful in life – another major turn-on for many men.



Most guys are attracted to girls who are caring. They like girls who are kind and considerate, and who show them that they care about them. Girls who are caring also tend to be more nurturing and supportive, which can be a very appealing trait for many guys.


A creative girl is also usually very passionate about her interests. She’s the type of person who throws herself into whatever she’s doing, whether it’s painting, writing, or photography. This intensity is very attractive to guys. They appreciate a girl who is so dedicated to her passions.

Of course, being creative doesn’t mean that a girl has to be an artist or musician. It simply means that she has an original way of thinking and expressing herself. So if you’re not naturally gifted in the arts, don’t worry – there are plenty of other ways to show your creativity. Maybe you’re great at coming up with clever solutions to problems, or maybe you have a knack for fashion and always know how to put together the perfect outfit. Whatever it is that makes you unique, embrace it! Guys will find it irresistible


A girl who is disciplined is likely to be successful in whatever she sets her mind to, whether it’s school, work, or her personal life. She will be able to handle challenges and setbacks without getting frazzled or giving up. This kind of strength and resilience is very attractive to guys.

Discipline also indicates that a girl has good self-control. She isn’t going to let her emotions rule her or make impulsive decisions that she might later regret. This level-headedness can be extremely attractive, especially in a world where so many people seem unable to control themselves.

Of course, discipline doesn’t mean that a girl has to be perfect all the time – nobody is! – but it does suggest that she knows how to keep herself on track when things get tough or stressful. And guys definitely find that appealing.


What could be more attractive than a loyal girl? A girl who is loyal to her friends, family, and significant other is someone who can be trusted and relied upon. She’s the kind of person who would never betray those she cares about, and that’s a quality that most guys find very attractive.

A loyal girl is someone who is always there for her loved ones, no matter what. She’s the friend who will always have your back, the sister who will always support you, and the girlfriend who will always be by your side. No matter what challenges or obstacles life throws your way, you know that she’ll be there for you – that’s incredibly attractive.

A loyal girl isn’t afraid to stand up for those she loves. If someone tries to hurt or harm her loved ones in any way, she’s not going to just sit back and take it – she’ll fight tooth and nail to protect them. This shows that she’s not only Loyalty but also courageous – another trait that guys find very appealing.

If you’re looking for a long-term relationship with someone special, then finding a loyal girl should be at the top of your list. With a loyal girlfriend by your side, you’ll never have to worry about being betrayed or abandoned – she’ll always be there for you through thick and thin!


Most guys find friendliness attractive in a girl for a few reasons. Firstly, it makes the girl seem approachable and easy to talk to. Secondly, it shows that the girl is interested in others and cares about making friends or maintaining relationships. Finally, friendliness often indicates that a girl has a positive outlook on life which can be contagious and make those around her happy as well. All of these reasons explain why so many guys find friendliness to be an attractive quality in a potential partner.

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