The Hottest Nationalities, According to a Recent Poll of Single People, Are Brazilian, Argentinean, Colombian, and Venezuelan

What are the hottest nationalities?

This is a question that has been asked time and time again, but there is no clear answer. There are many factors that contribute to what makes someone attractive, and nationality is just one of them. That being said, there are certain nationalities that seem to be considered “hotter” than others.

Some of the most popular nations when it comes to attractiveness include Brazil, Italy, Spain, and Argentina. These countries are known for their gorgeous beaches, Mediterranean climates, and passionate cultures. It’s no wonder they’re often associated with sexiness!

Other nations that tend to be considered quite attractive include Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. These countries are home to some of the most beautiful people in the world (have you seen Norwegian model Elsa Hosk?). They also boast high levels of gender equality and quality of life – two things that can definitely make a person more attractive.

So what makes these countries so special? It’s hard to say for sure – but one thing is for sure: they produce some seriously hot citizens!


But what is it about Ukrainian women that makes them so special? Here are just a few of the things that make them stand out from the rest…

They’re fiercely loyal.

If you manage to win a Ukrainian woman’s heart, you can be sure that she’ll be loyal to you for life. They take relationships very seriously and once they’re in one, they’re in it for the long haul. So if you’re looking for a woman who will be by your side through thick and thin, a Ukrainian lady is definitely worth considering.

They know how to have fun.

Ukrainians know how to enjoy themselves and have a good time – something that not all women can say. They love to party and socialize, but they also know how to relax and unwind when the situation calls for it. You’ll never find yourself bored when you’re with a Ukrainan girl!


There’s something in the water in Denmark. The country consistently produces some of the hottest women in the world, and its men are no slouches either.

Danish women have it all: they’re beautiful, they’re stylish, and they’re downright sexy. It’s no wonder that Danish men are considered some of the luckiest in the world when it comes to finding a partner.

But what is it about Danish women that makes them so irresistible? Is it their natural beauty? Their effortless sense of style? Or is it something deeper than that?

Let’s take a closer look at what makes Danish women so special:

They’re Natural Beauties

Denmark is a country with a long history of producing stunningly beautiful women. From supermodels like Helena Christensen and Nina Agdal to actresses like Trine Dyrholm and Sidse Babett Knudsen, there are plenty of Danish beauties to admire.

And it’s not just their looks that are impressive – these ladies also have an undeniable confidence that shines through in everything they do. They know how to work their angles and make the most of their assets, but they also carry themselves with an easy gracefulness that can’t be faked. Whether they’re walking down the street or posing on the red carpet, Danish women always look completely comfortable in their own skin. And that’s incredibly sexy!


So what is it about Filipino women that makes them so darn hot? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons:

1. They have killer bodies.

Filipino women know how to work their curves and they definitely don’t shy away from showing off their assets. Whether they’re wearing a bikini on the beach or a sexy dress on a night out, they always look amazing. And it’s not just about having big boobs or a curvy figure – Filipinas also tend to have slim waistlines, toned legs and perfect skin. Basically, they’re the total package when it comes to physical beauty.

2. They have beautiful faces… with an exotic twist.

Most Filipino women have stunningly beautiful faces with perfectly sculpted features… and then there’s that added edge of exoticism that comes from their Asian heritage. Whether it’s their almond-shaped eyes, ovoid facial structure or smooth olive skin, there’s just something about Filipinas that makes them stand out from other racial groups when it comes to beauty – even supermodels like Miranda Kerr (who is one-quarter Filipina).


There are many different factors that can contribute to the overall attractiveness of a person, and nationality is just one of them. That being said, there are certain nationalities that tend to be considered more attractive than others. One such nationality is Australian.

Australians are known for their tanned skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes – all features that tend to be considered very attractive. In addition to their physical appearance, Australians are also known for being laid-back and easy-going, which can be another major plus in the attraction department.

So if you’re looking for a country with some of the hottest citizens in the world, Australia is definitely one to consider. You’re sure to find someone there that meets (and exceeds) your expectations!

South African

If you’re looking for a wife or girlfriend who is beautiful inside and out, then a South African woman could be the perfect match for you. Here are just a few reasons why South African women are so popular:

They’re confident – South African women know what they want and they go after it. They’re not afraid to speak their minds or to take charge in a relationship. This confidence is incredibly sexy and is sure to keep you on your toes!

They know how to have fun – If you want a partner who is always up for a good time, then look no further than a South African woman. From dancing all night long to enjoying a relaxed braai (barbecue) with friends, these ladies know how to have fun. You’ll never be bored when you’re dating a South African woman!


Italians are renowned for their love of food, and this extends to the way they approach life in general – with gusto! They enjoy la dolce vita (the sweet life) and believe that every day should be savored. This is reflected in their bold flavor some cuisine, which makes use of generous amounts of olive oil, garlic, tomatoes and herbs. It’s no wonder that the Mediterranean diet is considered one of the healthiest in the world!

If you’re planning on dating an Italian, be prepared for some serious PDA (public displays of affection). They are very tactile people who express their emotions freely – whether it’s anger or happiness. This can be both exciting and exhausting – but it’s all part of the fun! Just remember to keep your cool if things start to get too heated…

Italians are also known for being fiercely loyal to their friends and family. They will go out of their way to help those they care about, and expect the same level of commitment in return. So if you’re looking for a long-term relationship, then an Italian could be the perfect partner for you.


Their country is located in the Caucasus region, between Europe and Asia, which gives them a unique perspective on life. And while they may not be as well-known as some of their neighbors, they have a rich culture and history that is worth exploring.

Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Armenian:

1. They have their own alphabet

The Armenian alphabet was created by Mesrop Mashtots in 405 AD. It consists of 36 letters, including 7 vowels. Հայերէն (Hayeren), the name for Armenian, is actually written using these letters.

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