How Do You Extract Oil From Lavender

Extract Oil Lavender

Lavender oil is produced through a process of steam distillation, in which the lavender flowers are gently heated in order to release their essential oils. The resulting steam is then condensed and the oils are collected.

Lavender oil has a wide range of applications, both for its pleasing scent and for its therapeutic properties. It is commonly used as an aromatherapy oil, added to baths or diffusers to promote relaxation and stress relief. Lavender oil is also said to have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, making it useful for treating minor cuts and scrapes.

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How Do You Extract Essential Oils From Flowers

Extract Essential Oils Flowers

There are many methods for extracting essential oils from flowers, but the most common and effective method is steam distillation. To extract essential oils using steam distillation, the flower petals are placed in a still and water is heated underneath. The hot water creates steam which rises and comes into contact with the flower petals. This causes the essential oils to be released from the petals and evaporate into the steam. The vapors containing the essential oils are then condensed back into liquid form and collected.

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